Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki High School Reunion | All Classes | Orlando!
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Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
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Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
2011 Kubasaki High School All-Class Reunion Orlando, FL
Hosted by the Class of 1976
"Celebrating Our 35th Year"

When: October 7th through October 10th 2011
Where: Orlando, Florida
Hotel: Hilton Orlando
1. What is an "All-Class" Reunion?
2. There are other "reunions" going on at the same time next year. Why so many reunions and how do I know which one to go to?
3. But why did you choose Orlando?
4. I don't really know if I can make plans that far in advance. Can I just "show up"?
5. Can I share a room with someone?
6. Can I arrive before or after the reunion and get the same discounted hotel rates?
7. What else is there to do in Orlando besides Golf
8. Will there be Vegetarian meals available?
9. What is the definition of informal, semiformal or formal attire?
10. But what do people "usually" wear?
11. Is there complimentary transportation from the airport to the hotel?
12. Can I bring my kids?
13. Who do I contact if I want to help out at the reunion?
14. What does the registration fee cover?

1. "What is an "All-Class" Reunion?"   Next Item

An all-class reunion means that anyone who ever went to Kubasaki (at any time) is invited, whether you graduated or not. This differs from a decade Reunion because it is not limited to classes within a certain 10-year period. However, please be aware that prior reunions have shown that attendance is greater for the class that hosts the event and then ripples outward from there. The best way to ensure you have a good showing for your class is to make an early commitment to attend and then spread the word to your friends. By you committing and registering early, others will see your name on the Reunion Attendee list and will be encouraged to register too.

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2. "There are other "reunions" going on at the same time next year. Why so many reunions and how do I know which one to go to?"   Next Item

This is a tough one. This subject gets discussed a lot on Facebook and the Alumni Bulletin Board, but here's our view on it

There was an Alumni Association that hosted a reunion every two or three years. This association was founded by Sunny Taylor Schwentner ('63), a devoted alumna who has gathered an impressive database of alumni name and addresses. Because of her efforts, Kubasaki alumni have enjoyed reunions in the past that we might not otherwise have even known about.

Now that Facebook and other Kubasaki Alumni websites are popping up all over the internet, finding old friends and getting the word out about reunions has become much easier. More and more people have jumped on the boat and "reunions" are being planned all the time. While it used to be inconceivable that each class could plan their own reunion (since there was no way to get in touch with everyone), things are beginning to change. In fact, there are so many "reunions" being announced, you may end up going to one in Los Angeles while some of your friends go to the one in Wash D.C.

So, what to do? Our recommendation is that you attend a reunion that is attended by people you know. The organizing committee of any reunion is naturally interested in bringing together their contemporaries. In an All-Classes Reunion, the Reunion Organizing Committee consists of class representatives from as many of the different classes that are willing to volunteer their time and energy to help put on the best reunion possible. Consider adding your own name to the attendees list to attract others who are looking for someone they know. Once you have made a commitment to attend or even if you are only thinking about it, help get the word out, pass on the reunion information to all the Kubasaki Alumni in your email list and ask the folks on your email list forward the information to the people on their email list, etc. Before you know it, you'll have a large turnout. Please don't count on the organizing committee to find everyone... we need your help to reach as many alumni as possible!

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3. "But why did you choose Orlando?"   Next Item

Location is a huge consideration when planning a reunion because we are all so scattered around the country. In the past there have been several reunions on the West Coast and lots of alumni have asked for a reunion to be held on the East Coast for a change. We chose the Columbus Day Weekend in Orlando because in Florida, this is the Low Season for Tourists. This means hotel room rates are lower, flights into Orlando are cheaper, most of the summer visitors have left and the winter visitors haven't arrived yet. Since there is a lot for the kids to do in Orlando, it also gives those folks with children a chance to bring them along on a long weekend and combine the reunion with a family vacation.

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4. "I don't really know if I can make plans that far in advance. Can I just "show up"?"   Next Item

Well, no...not if you don't plan to pay something once you get there! The cost of a reunion is much more than just the cost of the dinner. Each attendee is paying for the room they are in, the cost to set it up, the cost of the food, the cost for entertainment, the cost for door prizes, the cost for bartenders, etc. If you show up and don't pay (by not eating dinner, etc.) you've missed an opportunity to help your classmates offset the costs of the entire event.

Remember that the committee makes plans for the event based on the number of paid attendees. The more paid attendees, the better the menus and entertainment can be. If you just "show up", you're letting your classmates cover the entire up front costs that could affect everyone???overall reunion experience.

We know that plans can change at any moment. We will make every attempt to refund deposits if you cannot come. We will also come up with an ala carte attendance fees that you can pay if you happen to be in town during the reunion, but let's save these scenarios for extraordinary circumstances and not make it the way to get out of paying the full fee, okay?

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5. "Can I share a room with someone?"   Next Item

Yes, but you'll have to make your own arrangements for this. We will try to set up an area on the Reunion Website to list individuals looking for someone to share hotel costs.

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6. "Can I arrive before or after the reunion and get the same discounted hotel rates?"   Next Item

Yes, we negotiate the reunion hotel rates that are good 3 days before and 3 days after the reunion for those that want to get there earlier or stay later.

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7. "What else is there to do in Orlando besides Golf?"   Next Item

Are you kidding? This is Orlando...home to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and more. You can go to any of the Orlando attractions listed on the events page or visit with other Alumni in the Hospitality Suite!

If there is enough interest in having a Reunion Golf tournament and we can get volunteers to set one up, we will try to set one up.

There are several Theme Parks nearby in the Orlando area. Discount tickets are available through several venues. Transportation can be arranged through the hotel with advance notice for a nominal charge. Please see Hilton Shuttle Flyer for rates and departure times.

Hilton Shuttle Flyer in PDF format 150K Shuttle Flyer

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8. "Will there be Vegetarian meals available?"   Next Item

While we do not have the menu???set yet, we will ensure that there will be Vegetarian meals available for the dinners on Friday and Saturday, but we'll need to know when you register.

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9. "What is the definition of informal, semiformal or formal attire?"   Next Item

To help everyone get on the same page so you'll know what to pack, we did a little research into "dress" terminology. Forget the old tiers. Here are some guidelines about the "new" dress codes (even though they're meant for business--they translate pretty well for a reunion):

All-Out-Casual (a.k.a. Grubbies): What you throw on to wear in the privacy of your own home or to be comfortable with family and friends. Sweatpants (including running suits), t-shirts, sweatshirts, well-worn jeans and shoes and stretch pants are good examples. Everything in this category is unacceptable for most business situations.

Sport Casual: Jeans, other cotton pants and shorts that are tidy and in good repair fit here. Clean, crisp t-shirts and sweatshirts also define this category of casual. Sneakers are the footwear of choice with sport casual looks as long as they're not dirty or ragged. Soft knit pants with elastic waists that are not too tight are also nice for women.

Business Casual: A more dressed-up look than sporty casual but not nearly as dressed as Dresses-up Casual clothes. Think khaki pants (especially no-wrinkle styles) worn with a polo or oxford shirt, or mock or regular turtleneck with or without a sport coat if you're a man. Women, choose pants (with or without the matching jacket), crisp cotton shirts, sweater sets, and Bermuda style-shorts and jumpers. To set a business tone, skirts, shorts and jumpers selected for business casual are best worn with a medium or flat heel height shoe and hose. Like traditional office clothes, the length of casual dress garments should be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Vests, cardigans, pullover sweaters, loafers and high quality belts are all great finishing pieces for both men and women.

Dressed-up Casual (a.k.a. Smart Casual): What you wear to evening functions that aren't formal (see below). For men, a navy blue blazer with gray or tan pants are standard ??you don't necessarily need a tie. Silk or banded collar shirts without a jacket are appropriate too. For women, jumpers, pants with matching or well coordinated tops, dresses and simple suits work well.

Formal: What you wear to evening functions that require a suit, tuxedo, cocktail dress or formal gown.

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10. "But what do people "usually" wear?"   Next Item

Please leave the "grubbies" at home, but do plan to dress comfortably.

For Friday night's event, we recommend Business Casual with a tropical theme (or "Island Casual" as we like to call it).

At previous reunions, the Saturday night dinner dance has been Dressed-up Casual to Formal. For this reunion, we encourage you to dress anywhere from Business Casual to Dressed-up Casual. But if you're like some of us and enjoy getting dressed up, nobody will laugh if you show up in a tuxedo or cocktail dress.

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11. "Is there complimentary transportation from the airport to the hotel?"   Next Item

It will depend on the reunion hotel and currently, that is TBD.

Most of the Orlando hotels offer complimentary transportation to the Disney and Universal Theme parks on a first come, first serve basis. We will do our best to select a hotel that offer complimentary transportation if that is important to a majority of the reunion attendees.

Rental cars are also an option, but they are not a necessity to get around. For any official offsite reunion events, we will arrange transportation that will be paid for out of the reunion fees.

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12. "Can I bring my kids?"   Next Item

The reunion events are only for adults, but you're in luck! There is an organization called "Kids Nite Out" that will entertain your kids while you enjoy an evening out. Their rates are based on a four hour minimum that start at $16 per hour, with $2.50 an hour for each additional child plus a $8 transportation fee for the sitter. Reservations starting after 9:00 PM require an additional fee. Other fees may apply.

Another option is "All About Kids" which provides in-suite professional child care. Their rates are based on a four hour minimum that start at $16 per hour, with $2 an hour for each additional child plus a $12 transportation fee for the sitter. Reservations starting before 7:00 am or 9:00 pm or later, an additional $2.00/hour will apply) Other fees may apply.

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13. "Who do I contact if I want to help out at the reunion?"   Next Item

The primary contact for the reunion is Cleve Johnson. If you can't reach Cleve, you can try any of the other reunion contacts listed.

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14. "What does the registration fee cover?"

The list of things covered by the reunion fee can be found on the Fees page. Note that the fees are separate from your hotel and transporation costs. You may also want to budget for extra drinks and class photos that will be taken. We suggest that you stay at the Reunion Hotel so you can closer to the events and possibly share a hotel room with someone, but that is completely up to you.

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Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
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