Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki High School Reunion | All Classes | Orlando!
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Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
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Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
2011 Kubasaki High School All-Class Reunion Orlando, FL
Hosted by the Class of 1976
"Celebrating Our 35th Year"

When: October 7th through October 10th 2011
Where: Orlando, Florida
Hotel: Hilton Orlando

Confirmed Attendees


70s Guests

Rita Chance 1971
Kathleen Culver 1971 and Jack Moore (Guest)
Debbie Connor Paul 1971
Debi Grant 1971 and Paul Rohrback (Guest)
Janice Kirshfield 1972
Lisa Lakeman 1971 and Doug McDonald (Guest)
Mike Phillips 1972 and Angela Phillips (Guest)
Linda Westerberg 1972
Kim Luoma 1973
Rhonda Martinez 1973
Yosh Nakano 1974
Harriet Reed 1974
Robert Houston 1975
Sherry Bastion 1976
Jo Ann Camacho 1976
Pam Hammack 1976
Cleve Johnson 1976
Jean Kanegaye 1976
Bob Kida 1976 and Ann Kida (Guest)
Shawn King 1976 and Debbie King (Guest)
Kathy Lee 1976
Janet McEnany 1976
Gale Pyles 1976
Pat Reed 1976
Rob Tillman 1976
Kathy Warren 1976
Carla Wilkes 1976 and Jay Etherton (Guest)
Robert Austin 1977
Ronnie Bagley 1977
Mitzi Bayne 1977
Frank Burdick 1977
Ernest Chun 1977
Andy Ondich 1977
Lynn Rickard 1977 and Clarence Sumner (Guest)
Jeanette Smith 1977
Marc Sutis 1977 and Donna Sutis (Guest)
Butch Vanderpool 1977
Charles Holder 1978 and Deirdre Holder (Guest)
Frances Shimabukuro 1978
Susie Kato 1979
80s Guests

Christine Miller 1980
Stoney Bates 1980
Keith Bennett 1980
Vickie Colby 1980
Kris McDaniel 1980
Sonia Nance 1980 and David Roberts (Guest)
Sharon Henry 1981
Byron McKoy 1981
Kathy Sassaman 1981 and Theresa Starke Pines (Guest)
Andrew Starrett 1981 and Jennifer Starrett (Guest)
Alicia Stepp 1980 and Darrell Starnes (Guest)
Davene Wagner 1981 and Christopher Johnson (Guest)
Darlene Cartier 1982
Kim Eder 1982
John Scruggs 1982 and Kyong Jin Yi (Guest)
Denise Trudeau 1982
Kathy Andrews 1983 and Tom Wilson (Guest)
Bettina Crerar 1983
Henry Dearth 1983
Craig Lilienthal 1983 and Lisa Lilienthal (Guest)
Debbie Murray 1983
Lora Barrett 1984
Annie Creedon 1984
Lauralee McNamara 1984
John Murray 1984
Jim Nies 1984
Cyndy Russell 1984
Wandakaye Shelden 1984 and Stan Bacon (Guest)
Bernice Trudeau 1984
Sheri Chambers 1985
Ronnie Ganhinhin 85 and Terri Ganhinhin (Guest)
Jarinda Nettles 1985
Marie Selzer 1985
Derrick Thornton 1985
Cindy Harper 1986
Laura Neal 1990
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
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Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
Kubasaki Reunion Orlando
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